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Books By Kirpal Gordon

Lyrical Miracle (prose poems), Giant Steps Press

Paperback $14.95 — eBook $4.99

Lyrical Miracle: Homage to the Great American Songbook celebrates the Great American Songbook as our boldest ambassador on the road to freedom, a 32-bar Bill of Rights lyrical miracle, an e pluribus unum forging individual genius in collective improvisation. Inspired by Walt Whitman’s barbaric yawp and his Democratic Vista, Kirpal Gordon draws on 48 of America’s most enduring jazz, pop, rock and blues classics to weave his long-lined prose poetry into their song forms so that they fit exactly into the time and tempo of the tune.

Round Earth, Open Sky (novel; 2nd Edition), Giant Steps Press

Paperback $14.95 — eBook $4.99

Round Earth, Open Sky is a psychological suspense thriller and Native American sci-fi road novel that doubles as an inquiry into the nature of human identity. During a mid-summer observance, Sky Man, an immortal, tricked by human sorcery, falls out of the sky and accidentally into a dead human out in the Sonoran desert. Seeking the location of the hole-in-the-sky ceremony so he can return to his sky people, he stumbles upon a boxcar family and more of the dead human he inhabits comes to light. When he finds a road, a car pulls up, and everywhere the driver takes him, more clues are revealed. Stops in the Hopi and Navaho Nations, Oak Creek Canyon, Detroit, Ontario and the Ojibwe Nation unfold different threads of the dead man’s identity, but much of the evidence contradicts, requiring Sky Man to call his host back from the dead before he can make his ascent to his sky people.

For an interview on the book click https://giantstepspress.blogspot.com/2020/06/

New York at Twilight (stories), Giant Steps Press

Paperback $14.95 — eBook $4.99

New York at Twilight is a collection of intersecting short stories that take place during the twilight hour amidst the city’s many neighborhoods and ethnicities. Part comedy of human foible, part tribute to the city and its citizens, part tour guide to its haunts and history, these tales celebrate the Big Apple at its weirdest and eeriest throughout the decades from the 1960s to the present.

Loving You Properly
Television Jones
Hers at Last
You’re Blooming Everywhere

Go Ride The Music (novel), Giant Steps Press

Paperback $14.95 — eBook $4.99

In Go Ride the Music, Ganga Ghosh, a jazz singer in Varanasi, hears pianist Ghost Wakefield on her radio and stays up all night enchanted by his playing. Although it’s shut off, her radio tells her, “Go ride the music,” setting into motion a wild road story and romance, at turns comical, seductive, criminal and redemptive. In these three interlocking novellas, they meet in Mexico, build a duet in New York and discover during a tour of the South that she becomes, through his haunted, New Orleans-flavored introductions, the voice and presence of Billie Holiday, Lena Horne and the other immortals she impersonates, a gift she returns to Ghost in a most unusual way and at a most opportune hour.

Speak-Spake-Spoke (jazz poetry CD), Leaping Dog Press

Audio CD $14.95

Speak-Spake-Spoke is a vigorous hybrid of Kirpal Gordon’s spoken word lyrics delivered to eleven jazz gems from the great American songbook as played by the Claire Daly Band:

Kirpal Gordon: original lyrics & spoken word;
Claire Daly: musical director, baritone sax, flute;
Dave Hofstra: bass, tuba;
Warren I. Smith: drums;
Eli Yamin: piano;
plus special guests:
Arthur Baron: trombone, didgeridoo;
Tim Price: tenor sax;
James Zollar: trumpet

Additional Titles

Collected Works

Dear Empire State Building (stories), Heaven Bone Press

A Further Being (stories), Pegasus Press

Eros in Sanskrit (prose poems), Leaping Dog Press

Booklets & Limited Editions

Hoo-Doo Mudras (fiction), Obscure Publications

Ghost in the Gone Realms (fiction), Obscure Publications

Against the Grain (non-fiction), Obscure Publications

Swingin’ (fiction), Obscure Publications

Traces of Love (novel excerpt), Obscure Publications

Round Earth, Open Sky (novel excerpt), Obscure Publications

Jazz Tales from the Ghost Realms (fiction; 2nd Edition), Obscure Publications

X Country: Touring the Nation with Jazz & Poetry (non-fiction; 1st Edition), Obscure Publications

X Country: Touring the Nation with Jazz & Poetry during Election Season ’04 (non-fiction; 2nd Edition), Leaping Dog Press

What We Got Against Tyranny (performance texts), Leaping Dog Press

Don’t Tread on Me (non-fiction), Unicorn Press

Because the Jewel Is in the Lotus (poems), Pegasus Press

Deadpan Parables (fiction), Scopcraeft Press

Down with the Move (poems), Heaven Bone Press

Pedestrian Love Songs (poems), Castillo Cultural Press

This Ain’t No Ball Game (performance texts), Armory Plays

Letter in Lady Day Spring Tones (performance text), Mockersatz Pamphlets