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For more on Giant Steps Press as a writers’ collective, see “Giant Steps Press Is Looking for a Few Good Manuscripts”:

For a sample of interviews with artists and reviews of music and literature:

“A Jazz Giant among Us: An interview with Composer-Educator-Pianist Diane Moser”:

A review of Amiri Baraka’s Digging: The Afro American Soul of American Music:

“Creating Songs-Voices-Poems, a Radio Show: An Interview with Jackie Henrion,”

A review of Frank Perowsky’s Jazz Orchestra CD, An Afternoon in Gowanus,

A review of John Sinclair’s It’s All Good:

“Elegance of Folklore, Dailiness of Farm Life”: An Interview with Poet Pamela Stewart,

A review of Tony Adamo’s spoken word CD, Was Out Jazz Zone Mad,

“Poetry Activism in the Wavy Gravy Lineage: An interview with Thom the World Poet”:

A review of Eliot Katz’s The Poetry and Politics of Allen Ginsberg,

A review of Denis Gray’s Black Bloods,

Photo by Frank Robbins
Edited by Emily Rivera