Kirpal G is a poet and a writer.
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Kirpal Gordon

Ghostwriting Services & Literary Consultancy

If you have a tale to tell, but lack the time, dedication, discipline, skill or wherewithal to sit down and write it, know that you are not alone. Kirpal Gordon is a freelance ghostwriter and literary consultant with over thirty-five years of experience in the publishing industry who has been helping entreprenuers, public speakers, doctors, dentists and other health professionals, educators, seminar companies, fitness experts, artists, fashion and style consultants, non-profit foundations, life coaches, chefs and caterers, visionaries in service industries, memoirists, progressive thinkers and everyday people not only write their stories with greater aplomb, but with a greater success in reaching their niche market. In addition to ghosting and/or consulting on over forty books and four hundred articles, he has created newsletters and promotional material, marketing letters, press packages, brochures and website copy.

With the publishing industry continuing to undergo enormous change, there are indeed many ways to deliver a book to its market. Whether you have already begun your writing project or are just considering one, email him at for a free consultation.

If your needs include a manuscript doctor or editor, see also Kirpal's editing services after perusing these testimonials:

Client Testimonials

Hands down, Kirpal Gordon is the best writer I have worked with in my fifty-plus years in business. A fountain of good ideas, he's an even better listener. In our eight year association spanning many books and articles, he always manages to make what I say from the stage read even better in print.
—Walter Hailey, founder, Planned Marketing Associates

Kirpal makes my words sing like they've never sung before; the written word is the soul of his existence.
—JoAn Majors, author, EncourageMENTORS: 16 Attitude Steps for Building Your Business, Family & Future

Intelligent, intuitive and street smart, Kirpal brings a lot of gifts to the table. Working with him is like watching your good ideas get better. He can synthesize many points of view. Not only that, I just like him!
—Mac Lee, D.M.D., author, Nothin Personal Doc, But I Hate Dentists!

Gordon has the rare genius for being able to see every side of a circumstance at once and then to turn that vision into a coherent and precise description that immediately communicates. There may be no one else who can so thoroughly grasp all the salient issues with such precision and leave the reader a more knowing and feeling person.
—James D. Pendleton, artist

I'm a fitness expert, not a writer. To build my business, I needed written material that matched my in-your-face personality with a maximum lose-weight-now wake-up call. Kirpal not only delivered the words but showed me the difference between a front and back end to the range of my services.
—Rocco Castellano, H.I.T. Fitness

Like a jazz improviser, Gordon knows what notes to play and what notes to leave out in a press kit or a CD's liner notes. Ginsberg called Kerouac "the great rememberer." I call Kirpal "the great appreciater."
—C. Ridge Floyd, composer, performer and recording artist

Kirpal's consultations with my team as well as the material he has written for CareerTHINK, a three-day intensive program designed for college and high school age students, have helped enrich our seminar and propel us to our fullest enrollment to date.
—Hermann Schulze, founder and director

Kirpal Gordon wrote the most inspired appreciation of my work I have ever read. When I called him up to thank him, he helped me develop the best brochure of my work I have ever had.
—Marilyn Branham, artist

Gordon is a writer's writer, one of those rare and special guys who not only lives and breathes the written word but exudes it from every pore. To know him is to love the passion of ideas in a multitudinous creative context, and with every encounter, to be once again inspired to dive in and produce something terrific, to discover in one's own life and work a thimbleful of what he has in 55 gallon drums.
—Scott Key Shelton, entrepreneur

Thanks to a thorough appreciation of my work, Kirpal has helped me reach an audience I didn't even know existed for what I do.
—Brice Adams, artist