Kirpal G is a poet and a writer.
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Kirpal Gordon

Editing Services

Kirpal Gordon is a freelance editor with over thirty-five years of experience in the publishing industry. He has served as in-house copy writer, copy editor and proofreader for New York publishers as well as fiction and/or poetry editor for literary journals; consulted on film scripts; founded award-winning journals; edited a wide range of books and articles, both fiction and non-fiction, prose and poetry; reviewed music, literature and spoken word collaborations as a member of the Jazz Journalists Association; and written and sold book proposals and film treatments for clients.

Testimonials & Reviews

Kirpal's voluminous cultural knowledge, both lived and learned, coupled with his instinctive sense of pacing and rhythm, makes him the perfect third eye. More important, he has a knack for familiarizing with the writer's voice and getting under its skin. This is a rare gift as, too often, the writer finds himself in a singing contest with his ostensible editor. I can't recommend Kirpal Gordon enough.
—Norman Ball, author, Between River & Rock: How I Resolved Television in Six Easy Payments

There may not exist a book pitch, feature article or essay that Kirpal Gordon's editing eye cannot improve upon—exchanging ideas with him is a joy. He's the ultimate manuscript doctor.
—Paul Hinkle, public speaker, Hinkle & Associates

Combining sound judgment with a most unusual range of background knowledge, Kirpal Gordon is learned but without the arrogance. His script consultations are quite rewarding.
—Francine Lefrak, producer, HBO Films

I've never met a more all-around talented wordsmith than Kirpal Gordon. He edited my twenty years of interviews with Texas songwriters into a readable format and wrote the prospectus that sold the idea to the University of Texas Press. I received a large advance and a beautiful book now in its second printing, and I've just signed a second book deal, thanks to his head start.
—Kathleen Hudson, director, Texas Heritage Music Foundation

Kirpal Gordon is a highly professional, insightful and knowledgeable editor who can tweak a word or punctuation mark and make a strong piece even more powerful. He 'gets' the author; with an uncanny ability to feel what is in the writer's heart, he masterfully helps to reveal the intent with clarity and polish. I couldn't have completed my book without him and I'm forever grateful that I found him.
—Susan Margulies Kalish, poet, The Cerebral Jukebox

In the face of spur-of-the-moment changes and reversing editorial decisions, deals and deadlines, Kirpal Gordon is a fantastic asset. He's focused but with a sense of humor; he knows how to keep his cool.
—Loreacy Moses, editor, Custom Home Builders

Prison writing should be a predictable genre: street-smart diction, racial friction, escapist fiction. They're all here in EMPIRE, the NYS inmate writing journal, but so is autumnal lyricism, speculative metaphysics and tendrils of a deep humanism. We've got founder/editor Kirpal Gordon to thank for such smart editing and thoughtful cacophonies.
—Harry Smith, Pulpsmith Magazine

Astounding in its frankness, touching yet amusing, EMPIRE defies a pigeonhole like 'prison genre literature.' Rather than just tell us what goes on inside our prison walls, which it does do very well, it connects, as only great literature can, with all of life. Though edited by Kirpal Gordon, a civilian, the entire project is written, illustrated and printed by prisoners—a tribute to what imprisoned bodies and free minds can achieve.
—Elliot Richman, critic

My first contact with Kirpal Gordon came through EMPIRE, his prison brainchild which won the accolades of Governor Cuomo. Because his work embraces my own literary vision—to integrate the music, rhythm and soul of the English language with a spiritual sensuality and erudite scholarship—I invited him to be a contributing editor of my literary magazine and press. He has consulted on countless manuscripts, made helpful suggestions, referred me to hundreds of useful contacts, venues and authors and helped me build a presence beyond what I thought I could achieve.
—Steve Hirsch, publisher, Heaven Bone Press